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Motorstep MS600, MS600H and MS800 Step Lift Accessories.

Motorsep MS600 and MS800 step lift support strap.

Support Strap

£155.00 ex VAT

Both the MS600 and MS800 Motorstep step lifts can be fitted with a support strap that easily attaches to the central moving column. It is designed to support the user as they are being lifted. These are available at time or order or can be fitted after market.

Motorstep Step Lift wander lead or remote for MS600 and MS800 Motorstep step lift.

Wander lead/Remote

£130.00 ex VAT

Both the MS600 and the MS800 Motorstep can be fitted with external control buttons that allows the Motorstep to be operated by a second person if the main user requires a little extra assistance. Must be requested at time of order.

Weather proof cover for Motorstep MS800 and MS600 portable step lift or disabled persons.

Bespoke Cover

£45.00 ex VAT

Even though the Motorstep is weather proof and designed to be used outside we can supply this cover that with a hole inserted to allow for use of the security eyelet.

MS600/MS800 Optional Power Supply.

£155.00 ex vat

The Motorstep MS600 and MS800 can also be supplied with an optional 230v/110v to 12v power supply fitted with plug suited to your country of residence. This power supply allows the MS600 and MS800 to be powered by any standard power outlet.

Motorstep home power supply for the MS600H step lift.

MS600/MS800 Battery Connection cable.

£75.00 ex vat

Extra 12 volt leisure battery connection cable for use with MS600 and MS800. Allows the Motorstep to be powered by the leisure battery on a caravan, motorhome, travel trailer and RV. 

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