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Motorstep caravan and Motorhome motorised step lift



MOTORSTEP is a family business based in Buckinghamshire, England.
About us
Motorstep proudly made in the UK step lift

We established Motorstep in 2013 after personal experience meant we saw firsthand just some of the restrictions faced by those with disabilities. We realised that a mobile, motorised, step-on lift would return independence and encourage an active lifestyle. Motorstep was born! Today, there are multiple step lifts that suit different situations and needs. Each one is designed to help negotiate a step with ease and confidence.  

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority in order for us to establish ourselves as a leader in the mobility aid market for many years to come. We work with all our customers to assess their mobility and individual needs  to ensure Motorstep is right for them before a purchase is made. We ship to customers in Great Britain and Europe direct from our UK factory. We also have a distribution network worldwide across USA, New Zealand, and Australia, visit our website for details. 

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