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From Glenn & Beth very happy customers,  June 2019

We used our very easy to assemble, motorstep for the first time on our recent holiday, it was an absolute boon and proved itself to be worth every penny. My wife has severe mobility issues and we thought we would have to give up our caravan as she was at a point where she was unable to use the steps to enter or leave the caravan. Now there is no problem she rides her mobility scooter to the motorstep stands on the very stable foot plate uses the very easy operating systems and there is no more problems. Worth every penny, thank you for the return of our holidays.

Mrs Gilroy, Chichester, May 2019

My Husband has been struggling for years with the steps into our static home and it got to the point where he no longer wanted to go out when we visited on holiday. We looked into having a ramp fitted but the cost was so expensive, Motorstep visited us to demonstrate the the Motorstep and helped advise us the best place for it. My husband finds it so easy to use. I would recommend a Motorstep to anyone who has a problem with the step into the home.

Carole Jennings, California, June 2019.

Getting the Motorstep solved my problem of getting in and out of our travel trailer safely. I am unable to climb stairs that are steep and far apart, and was afraid I would not be able to enjoy our trailer. The Motorstep is working great and I feel confident using the platform to gently rise to the entry level now.

Thanks so much for designing a wonderful product and delivering it quickly from England to our home in California.

Mrs Harris, Winchester, Hampshire, Jan 2019

The motorstep has been such a great help in my home, I have a large step between my kitchen and living room and being a old house there was not enough room for a ramp. Motorstep visited me in my home and I tried out the motorstep and it worked perfectly, I find it so easy to use and its allowed me to stay in my home without having to spend out on costly building work. I would highly reccomed a motorstep for anyone that's struggling with a step at home from this great family company.

Carole Jennings, California, June 2019.

I am disabled and had trouble getting into my husbands truck, he had to literally pick my legs up and lift on me . And I had trouble getting into my camper also . Now with my Motorstep I can gain my independence back . I can’t believe how fast I received my Motorstep. I ordered it on Sunday and I received it on Thursday. That was just unbelievable. I have ordered things here in the states and waited for 3 weeks for it. I can’t say enough good things about the service I received from the staff at Motorstep.

Donald and Mary Booth, Western Australia - September 2017

We thought our RV Days were over, due to my arthritis, but now we can join the Grey Nomads once more and travel around Australia without worrying about getting in and out. Its such a GREAT Idea. Thanks so much.

P Barchelor, Rumburgh, Suffolk - April 2017

My wife and I are both disabled. we were about to give up our caravan but purchased a MOTORSTEP and it’s the best purchase I have ever made, it has made our life a lot easier and we can keep on caravanning. The quality is excellent and worth every penny. I would recommend it to anyone with mobility problems. Thank you.

Barry T, Aylesbury - February 2017

My elderly Grandmother who has a slipped disc  and now registered disabled was struggling to get into the caravan. Now with her new Motorstep life is so much easier, its a fantastic product i would recommend Motorstep to anyone.

Laurie Creechan, Birmingham - January 2015

The Motorstep is exactly what we needed. It is a great piece of kit and does the job perfectly. We can now get in and out of our new motorhome without having to worry about climbing the high step. Thank you very much for a great product, its made our disabilities manageable to carry on holidaying!

 John & Maureen Whitby, Adelaide - April 2017

We thought last year might be our last year in our RV, but now my husband has a new zest for life, getting up and about easily with Motorstep. Using it around the home  has been a lifesaver and now we are out on our Easter caravan break with it. THANK YOU.

Frank Noonan, Florida - April 2017

Best purchase we ever made!

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