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New for 2024 - Even greater freedom!
Motorstep-MS600 / MS600 FREEDOM caravan an motorhome disability step lift
Motorstep-MS600 / MS600 RV and travel trailer motorized step lift for a disabled person.


Motorstep made to UKCA standard, disability step lift for home.
CE certified disabled persons caravan step lift
Motorstep freedom step lift, easily lift a disabled person into a caravan or motorhome
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The leading motorised step for caravans and motorhomes

Love your independence!
Motorstep lifts you effortlessly up into your caravan or motorhome. Regain the freedom to travel wherever you choose.

Designed specially for those with disabilities

New for 2024 - Even greater freedom!

Our new Freedom model is battery powered giving you full portability without being tied to a power source - no cables or need for a power supply!

  • Powered by a heavy duty 24 volt 10 amp hour Lithium Ion Battery that can be used ~150 times before charging

  • Supplied charger specific to your country of residence.

What’s more Freedom will lift up to 150kg - 350 lbs - 25 stone!

Motorstep 6 meter 12v connection cable for a disability step lift
MS600 MS600 freedom


MS600 is supplied with a 6m connection cable to power the Motorstep from your 12 volt leisure battery.

A permanent installation is needed to install a socket on the door sill by a caravan service agent or by someone with competent DIY skills.

Don’t want to install the socket?
Try the Li-ion battery!

*Motorstep lifts can be purchased VAT free in the UK by registered disabled customers or customers with chronic illnesses

For caravans and motorhomes


Supporting strap for Motorstep disbaled persons step lift.
Wander lead/Remote for Motorstep caravan step lift for a person with disabilities
Supporting strap

Both the MS600 and MS800 Motorstep step lifts can be fitted with a support strap that easily attaches to the central moving column. It is designed to support the user as they are being lifted. This must be requested at time of order.

Wander lead/Remote

Both the MS600 and the MS800 Motorstep can be fitted with external control buttons that allows the Motorstep to be operated by
a second person if the main user requires a little extra assistance. This must be requested at time of order.

Easy Lift Wheels kit for a caravan step lift
Bespoke Cover for Motorstep motorhome and caravan disability lift.
Easy Lift Wheels

Both the MS600 and MS800 can be fitted with wheels to provide an alternative
method of lifting for storage.

Watch the video.

Bespoke Cover

Even though the Motorstep is weather proof and designed to be used outside we can supply a bespoke cover. An eyelet allows the use of a security chain. Also suitable for Freedom models.

 Extended warranty for a disabilty home step lift.

Motorstep MS600 can also be powered by a 230v (UK and Europe) or 110v (North America) power supply fitted with country specific plug. Simply plug your Motorstep into any standard power outlet. A 12v extension cable up to 8 metres long can be supplied if your Motorstep will be positioned away from a convenient socket.

Don’t want to use a power supply? Try the Li-ion battery! Contact us for more information.

Extended Warranty

We offer the opportunity to extend your warranty for an additional three years, covering all parts, carriage and labour, for just over £53.00 per year, a total payment of £160.00 for the three-year period. This extended warranty provides peace of mind and ensures that in the event of any issues with your Motorstep, they will be quickly and efficiently resolved by the Motorstep Team.

*Motorstep lifts can be purchased VAT free in the UK by registered disabled customers or customers with chronic illnesses


Motorstep Leisure Brochure for Motorstep caravan, RV, Motorhome disabled person step lift.
Motorstep Leisure Flyer, disabled persosn step lift for a camper

Thanks for submitting, its on its way!

Motorstep MS800 RV, Traveler traler, 5th wheel disabled persons step lift.

We thought our RV Days were over due to my arthritis, but now we can join the Grey Nomads once more and travel around Australia without worrying about getting in and out. It's such a GREAT Idea. Thanks so much.



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